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Short grain Rice for Korean Kimbap & Bibimbap

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Premium Short grain rice for Korean Bibimbap Gimbap Sushi Banchan Korean Dishes Beras Korea 韩国米 

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Koreans prefer to eat short grain rice, because of texture and best matching with Korean ingredients like Kimchi more which makes their rice very sticky and a lot easier to eat with side dishes. With rice always together with soup and side dishes and also it is for bibimbap and Kimbap mainly.

Good to Know

1 cup (250ml) of rice usually serves 2 people.

You must have a pot with a lid that fits to cook rice in a pot.

Please note that the cooking time may vary depending on the stove type and the amount of rice.
If you are not sure about cooking time, just leave it on low heat for a while after hitting the boiling point.

It's the best if you don't open the lid especially after boiling until it's completely done. If you must check the rice, close it back quickly.

Rice always cooks better if you soak the rice for a few hours before although it's not necessary. To get the water ratio right (since the rice will start absorbing the water and you won't be able to tell how much more water you need), wash and add the right amount of water before soaking. Then, just cook without adding more water.

Rice & Water Ratio 

Korean rice: Water 1:1.25-3 (i.g)Malaysian Rice : Water=1:1.5)

For cooking white rice in a pot, the rice-water ratio is usually 1 part of rice & 1⅓ parts of water. Rice:Water=1:1⅓
The ratio may vary a little depending on the brand of rice and your personal preference. Some people like their rice more watery than others.

2 cups rice -> 2⅔ cups water
3 cups rice -> 4 cups water
4 cups rice -> 5⅓ cups water
5 cups rice -> 6⅔ cups water

If you use rice cooker the ratio is different. See cooking white rice using a rice cooker.
For mixed (multigrain) rice, the ratio is completely different. See cooking multigrain rice using a rice cooker and cooking multigrain rice in a pot.

Best for making Bibimbap (Korean Mixed Rice with Vegetables) and Kimbap (Korean Sushi Roll)

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