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Instant Topokki Set by KOREAN OPPA 즉석 떡볶이

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Instant Topokki DIY Set by 🇰🇷🙋🏻‍♂️ KOREAN OPPA  欧巴亲手调味的韩国即时年糕+酱料包 🇰🇷🙋🏻‍♂️

TOPOKKI is Korean best street food, you can eat everywhere at an affordable price but as Oppa said not every TEOKBOKKI is nice so he loves this since young and his parents were suppliers for Topokki to many shops so he was quite familiar with all kinds of Topokki ingredients and recipe and finally he made it in Malaysia ye!!!!

So now Korean Oppa has made this recipe - Instant Topokki DIY Set dedicatedly for our friend here in Malaysia. It comes with the sauce powder specially made by him with his childhood taste! 😍

Main ingredients: 

Rice Cake, Instant Sauce (*Improved version)

100g Rice cake + 25g Instant Sauce (*Improved version) (For 1 Pax)

200g Rice cake + 50g Instant Sauce (*Improved version) (For 1-2 Pax)

Storage Guideline: 

  • Shelf Life: Consume within 3 months
  • You can keep it in fridge 



100g 年糕 + 25g OPPA 调配的酱料包 (For 1 Pax)

200g 年糕 + 50g OPPA 调配的酱料包 (For 1-2 Pax)

Tips: 可以加芝士,更好吃!

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